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Trevor and Torri Lienemann established Lienetics Ranch in 1992 based on Trevor’s desire to get back to his roots in agriculture and the cattle business. Trevor had a background in the commercial sector growing up, but his professional life after college was immersed in his CPA practice. Trevor knew he wanted to be involved in the purebred cattle sector and like any good businessman he dove into researching and discovering which breed would be the best fit for his family’s operation. Being a CPA it is no surprise that Trevor has an affinity for numbers and data and the diversity of one breed seemed like the most logical place to start Lienemanns Ranch. Trevor and Torri decided that Angus, “The Business Breed” was the one for them and with an initial investment in 6 cows their operation has grown to having their own annual production sale and being a source for practical cattle with impeccable data and usefulness for a diverse customer base.

Lienetics Ranch is very much a family operation and over the years of growth Trevor and Torri have counted on their children, Maci, Taylon, Sydni and Skylar to bring each of their own talents to the operation. As each of them have continued their education and work experience their responsibilities continue to evolve but one thing remains constant and that is the entire families passion and commitment to the Angus breed.

Lienetics utilizes several avenues for marketing, however the main one is the annual spring production sale in March. Additionally, Angus Bulls are tested and sold through Midland Bull Test, with numerous honors being earned by Lienetics bulls in the test over the years, one of the highlights was earning the top index award in 2012. Most recently Lienetics has created a customer feeder calf buyback program which allows customers cattle to be fed to harvest with individual carcass data collected, evaluated, and submitted AHIR for Breed improvement, and CAB acceptance rates.

The Lienemanns are very passionate about the beef industry and when given the chance they are keen to share their story and how it has benefitted their family and operation. They are a “go to” stop for the Nebraska Department of Agriculture and Farm Bureau programming and the result of this has given the Lienemanns the opportunity to host visiting dignitaries from China, Turkey, the Netherlands, Ghana and most recently, Belarus. These visits have included professional development on policy, practice, product development, genetics, artificial insemination and embryo transplant. Additionally, the Lienemanns were chosen to host the 2015 Certified Angus Beef Chef Tour, where over 50 chefs from all over the U.S. and as far away as the United Arab Emirates and the Cayman Islands gathered under the brand’s direction to get an in-depth look at the Lienemann’s seedstock operation.

Family and friends, as well as others involved in the beef business have been key to the success of the operation and continue to motivate the Lienemanns to further their participation. Trevor and his family feel honored to be a part if this great industry and specifically the ANGUS BREED!

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