On behalf of Lienetics Ranch we want to thank all of our past, current and potential customers that benefit from incorporating our genetics into their programs. Lienetics bulls and females are produced and selected based on the criteria of performance in an environment of minimal inputs. Our goal is to create cattle that are adapted to any environment with a low input management style combined with genetics that allow you as a customer and breeder to maximize profits.

As seedstock producers, we need to challenge and demand greatness of our cattle at every stage of production for your benefit. Years of breeding and selection for genetic optimums has allowed our cattle to defy antagonisms by hitting the top of the breed across the board in economically relevant traits of BW and Growth, as well as $W and $B indexes, all the while keeping input requirements in check. In addition we strive to create cattle that calve easy and are vigorous at birth, are efficient foragers, have high growth and conversion rates and are sound and structurally correct while maintaining maternal efficiency. Add to this the ability to produce a heavy and high-quality carcass for the packer, retailer, and consumer and you are sure to see profits. We have faith that our genetics can assist you in accomplishing this!

Lienetics Legacy Optimum Performance Sale – Saturday, March 14th, 2020

Sale Time: 1:00 – Sale Location: Beatrice 77, Beatrice, NE
THANK YOU TO ALL BUYERS AND BIDDERS IN OUR SALE. We greatly appreciate the support of everyone involved. Please let us know if we can help with any questions in the future.

View our sale videos for the 2020 Lienetics Legacy Optimum Performance Sale. Additional information coming soon!

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