Feeder Calf Buy Back Program

Lienetics Ranch believes in their program, in their customers, and in their combined ability to provide the best quality beef product available in the world with complete consumer satisfaction.

In 2012 Lienetics Ranch created the Calf Buy-Back and Fed Cattle Program for it's customers. Lienetics feels so strongly in their genetics that they are willing to put their dollars at risk in order to substantiate their beliefs. Lienetics Ranch has raised the value on customer calves over $10 per hundred in auction barns in the past years. On 100 five weight calves, that can total more than $5,000 of additional revenue per year back to you.

If you have Lienetics sired cattle to sell, please let us know, and we will do our best to participate, own, or find additional buyers to increase your value contribution.

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Lienetics Ranch
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