Another Exciting Year at Lienetics Ranch!

Another exciting year at Lienetics Ranch, both for our cattle and for our family.  This year our daughter Sydni was selected as Angus Ambassador and will travel nationally representing Angus breeders.  She follows in the footsteps of her sister, Maci, who was also an Angus Ambassador.  We are so proud of all of our kids as they pursue their God given talents.

We have entered into a strong, long term partnership with Willer Timber Ridge (“WTR Angus”).  Like Lienetics Ranch, this is a family operation run by Ted and Kathy Willer and their son, Josh, herd manager for their program…begun 23 years ago.  Bill Rishel introduced the two of us after we had both shown success in having champion bulls at the Midland Bull Test in Montana and had similar professional business backgrounds, and passion for the cattle business and Angus genetics.

Lienetics Ranch and WTR have developed and marketed top quality Angus bulls across the country from our herds of nationally prominence.  Our partnership offers a broader selection of proven genetics to advance your herd’s performance, carcass quality, and maternal strength…increasing your overall profitability.  We carry the same guarantees backing the bulls you buy.  We add to your profitability thru our ‘buyback assistance’ program and after the sale service!

We are Angus breeders with a program…based upon the needs of the progressive commercial cattleman. We will continue to prove our “Bull Maker Moms” by testing their progeny for growth and carcass quality at the toughest competitions in the nation!  Strongest way we can provide you with the real confidence to acquire your herd bulls from our joint program.  We’ve taken the guess work out of your purchase decision by the years and expense developing elite females and by the selection and evaluation of the bulls included in the sale.

The bulls on performance test for 85 days.  We’ve gone to the extra expense of utilizing the unique ‘Angus GS’ DNA test to enhance the accuracy of the EPD’s, bulls have been ultrasounded, they have been given Breeding Soundness Exams, and we have maintained a premium health program and full set of vaccinations.  Look at the “Target the Brand” CAB logo identifying those bulls with greater genetic potential to meet the rigorous standards of the Certified Angus Beef brand and its accompanying premiums at market.  AND, we agree with you on the absolute need for structurally sound animals with a good set of feet and legs.

We look forward to seeing you on sale day.  Be sure and give us a call if you have ANY questions about our offering in the sale.  Buy with confidence.  We stand ready to assist you with your purchase, before and after the sale.

Best personal regards,
Trevor & Ted

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