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    Fellow cattlemen,

    We welcome your evaluation of our 2017 Lienetics Bull sale offering.  The progressive and hardened genetics offered in this sale will increase profits at all levels of production.  That means they: calve easy and are vigorous at birth, are efficient foragers, have high growth and conversion, are sound and structurally correct, are fertile and maternally efficient, with premium udders, and will produce a heavy and high-quality carcass for the packer, retailer, and consumer.

    As market conditions ebb and flow, one thing remains consistent; optimizing all genetically important traits and markers to create low input, high performance, and high-quality carcass cattle will remain the most profitable.  That is why Lienetics bulls and females are produced by females with function and performance in an environment of minimal inputs that include early spring through late fall grass (no creep) grazing, fall and winter residue grazing, and minimal days hay in the months of February, March, and April.   We feel a minimal input environment and management practice, combined with the right type of genetics, will allow us to always meet and most likely far exceed your expectations of your genetic purchase. It is easy to breed for maximums or increase inputs, but certainly, these are not the most profitable methods for our customers.   As seedstock producers, we need to challenge and demand greatness of our cattle at every stage of production for your benefit.  In putting this catalog together, it is interesting to see how years of breeding for genetic optimums has allowed so many cattle in this offering to defy antagonisms, and hit the top of the breed across the board in economically relevant traits of BW and Growth, as well as $W and $B indexes, all the while keeping input requirements in check.

    Over the years, we have had several customers request for some Simmental influence in connection with our amazing maternal Angus genetics.  Therefore, we fulfilled that request with a flush to our time proven Barbarae  4988 cow and the great WAGR Driver bull.  As well, we sought out of the best-purebred Simmental bull offered in 2015, and utilized him for natural service, thereby adding some ½ blood SimAngus to the sale for your evaluation.

    Also, for the first time in several years, we are offering a select group of heifers with tremendous genetic merit and optimum maternal value.  Select your next show heifer, foundation or donor.

    If you are part of the total beef production and profit chain, please join us, or contact us to arrange purchases on sale day.


    Trevor Lienemann