Feeder Calf Buy Back

    We believe in our program, in our customers, and in our combined ability to provide the best quality beef product available in the world with complete consumer satisfaction.

    We intend to fulfill that belief through our genetics which take low input resources provided by solar energy, and convert it to the most premium protein product in the world, as well as the most satisfying eating experience available to the consumer.  This is achieved through the continual improvement of our Angus genetics through acquisitions, selection pressure for phenotype and genotype, AI & ET technology, DNA EPD enhancement, and now; our feedlot program which allows us to measure and appraise actual performance, efficiency, and carcass merit of our raised animals and those produced by our bull genetics in our customer cattle.

    In 2012 we began our Calf Buy-Back and Feed Cattle Program (our own cattle), thereby putting our dollars at risk in order to substantiate our beliefs.  Whether we are able to own your cattle or not at the end of the bidding process, it will put more dollars in your pocket on sale day.   We have raised the value on customer calves over $10 per hundred in auction barns in the past years.  On 100 five weight calves, that can total more than $5,000 of additional revenue per year back to you.

    A very good customer once asked, how we can buy feeder cattle, and generate a profit with $8.00 corn?  The simple answer is, own cattle that convert fast and efficiently, are hearty and healthy, and have a heavy and high quality carcass that returns a premium.  Our straight-bred and Angus influenced cattle will do that on a consistent basis.  In last years fed cattle, we sold a load of heifers that went 98% choice or prime, with 65% of our cattle earning CAB status, and averaging premiums of $70 per head.  With individual cattle earning  premiums as high as $11.85 per hundred above the choice price, and on a 923 pound carcass for a total carcass value of $1,974.61, at 14.5 months of age.

    If you have Lienetics sired cattle to sell, please let us know, and we will do our best to participate, own, or find additional buyers to increase your value contribution.